YouTube links w/ no thumbnails, just links

Heya. Just set up an instance and when I post links from YouTube, I get no preview. It just shows up as a link. This is my first experience w/ Mastodon admin/server stuff - anyone have insight? Is there a param somewhere I don’t know about that needs editing? Is this expected behavior? Thankya!

YouTube blocks a lot of different hosting providers, so it’s possible that they’ve just blocked the network block you’re making the OEmbed/OpenGraph requests from, unfortunately

oh hm. thanks for the insight night! that would be quite bizarre as i’m hosting in google cloud. :thinking:

HEY! just kidding. it looks like they’re working. prob was bc i was sharing them via the URL in my browser and not the shortened link YouTube gives when you click share/copy? i dunno, maybe it was that. in any case, working! thankyathankya.

also might have been a one off thing, or hiccup with the streaming server connection. AFAIK both types of YouTube URLs would work identically.

I would not be surprised if YouTube blocked Google Cloud to avoid scraping.

gotcha! and totally, that would make sense. really new to the whole mastodon thing so i’m still finding out which features are actually avail and which not and which ones i’ve screwed up and which not, haha. quite appreciate the insight, thank you!

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