Wrong SMTP config


I’m running on new instance (1.4.1) inside a docker container. Installation worked fine until I tried to register : I don’t receive the activation email. I guess my SMTP config is wrong. Is there some logfile somewhere I could check for errors reported by mastodon ?

Would you be able to remove sensitive information such as API keys and then post your current SMTP config?


I was able to fix the problem by myself. The problem was due to the presence of a trailing comment in SMTP_DELIVERY_METHOD.
Replacing :
SMTP_DELIVERY_METHOD=smtp # delivery method can also be sendmail
by :
fixed the problem.

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forgive me for reviving an old thread

Where/how does one edit the SMTP config?

I also have masto in docker and my password reset by email is not working. I think I know why and I want to change the email address that the password reset email will come from.

Thanks for great software and great community!


Nevermind - found it :slight_smile:


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