WordPress plugin(s) featuring Mastodon (GNUSocial, Diaspora...) sharing buttons

Imagine a WordPress plugin to feature Mastodon (GNUSocial, Diaspora…) sharing buttons next to articles.

I spent a good amount of time searching and testing free plugins, including those who promised the possibility to create your own buttons. Maybe it is me, but I didn’t succeed. Did someone else have more luck? Or how have you solved this problem in your WordPress instance?

If nothing exists, then maybe the best route is to nag the developers of one existing plugin to include them. As opposed to create a new plugin from scratch that someone will have to maintain long term. I volunteer to nag, but I would do this more comfortably if a tech-savvy person would be available for the technical questions likely to come. This could be as simple as volunteering here, and subscribe to this thread, where I could post any questions.

These tiny buttons are a good way to promote interesting content in the Fediverse, and they are also a good way to promote the Fediverse itself among users potentially interested who simply have no clue about this parallel universe.

See also Mastodon Share Button.

1. We use “Sharing buttons” from JetPack where you can configure your own services, so we added diaspora, gnusocial and maybe mastodon? (I look at the other thread but not appear to be a working solution for WP).

Here are needed parameters:

2. Then, another issue is “spread”, that publish in some network automatically when you publish on WP. There we use WP to diaspora* and a self hosted GNU Social (based on gs-share) solution and they works.

(*) Cant paste gs-share link due to discourse limits