Will weblate be unlocked before 2.8 release?

Right now this is what I see when I try to use Weblate:


I currently don’t have time and resources to set up a dev environment (yarn et. al.) to translate Mastodon. However, if Weblate starts working again, I’d happily translate the new strings pretty quickly.

The other (slightly more difficult) option for me would be that if someone updates fa.json/fa.yml with raw strings. I can then translate strings in Github web editor.

Would any of the two above options become available a few days before 2.8 release, please? I’d really want to keep the Persian translation up-to-date since I (and many others) use it every day, and it sucks when the environment is an English-Persian mishmash.

Thank you all you mastodevs for the fantastic work :grin: :+1::+1::+1:

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