Will the search result be taken away after opt out?

I found my account on mastodon.social can be indexed by Google search. Also it’s the first search result when I search my handle name (nice SEO by the way). Now I have set my account opt-out of search in the setting. Will my account still be in the searching result? Or the current result will be taken down after some time? (I can still see it at the top of search result for now) Thanks.

Someone else may have more specific experience with this, but generally I’d say it depends on Google’s (or any other search engine’s) operating policy, how often they crawl, and how often they update their results.


Today(10 days after the post) I search again, the my account on mastodon.social is not on the first few pages of the search result. If I add the keyword “mastodon” I can still get my account on top of the result. I believe after another period of time my account may be completely opt-out.

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