Why meta forums instead of mastodon itself?

i get it there are many channels to go meta…

but looks like this (discourse) is the official and main one.


and why not #meta - Mastodon or something more “built in” like that?

sorry. i’ll respond it myself…

the search tool didn’t help me to find it, lol!

also, i know “discourse” is rather the tool being used for the forums here, so the naming is confusing. i just ignored yet another “welcome to discourse” i thought it was the default text.

(plus, i hate discourse… i’m growing to dislike even poor nodebb)

I see several drawbacks or annoyance in Discourse the software, but that’s what we got (I didn’t set it up) and it seems to work quite well for now.

Discourse is more fit for documentation, search, and refining texts over the long term.
There’s a plan to support ActivityPub in Discourse, unfortunately it takes a lot of time to go from here to there.

If you’re not on Mastodon when a conversation arises, there’s a lot of chance you will miss it entirely.

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