Why isn't free hosting an option?

Just curious as to why free hosting isn’t an option? I’d say about 99% of decentralized products offer free hosting.

Mastodon doesn’t need money, yet they have masto.host, they can’t go bankrupt or be dissolved, the devs aren’t the only ones working on it so they don’t need funding… it’s actively developed.

But free hosting requires considerable resources, where do you think they should come from?

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Access to a lot of these decentralized services are free to access, but they still cost money to host.
CPU, RAM, Storage and Networking all cost money.

Mastodon doesn’t need money, yet they have masto.host, they can’t go bankrupt or be

You are being very naive here on what Mastodon is and what masto.host is.
Research more before putting out claims like this…

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Mastodon isn’t decentralized, it’s federated

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Nothing is free. Someone always has to pay for it.

masto.host is not affiliated with the Mastodon project. We link to their site from joinmastodon.org without receiving any compensation or profit from it, because I believe that being able to kickstart a new Mastodon server is good for the network.

If you have a domain name and an always-on machine connected to the internet from your home, and an internet service provider that allows hosting websites from your home internet connection, then you can technically host Mastodon for free. However, that is not a common scenario and has many disadvantages. You can’t get around needing a domain name and a powerful enough machine with a fast internet connection to get good user experience. That costs money. Which is why no free Mastodon hosting is possible.

However, most servers allow you to sign up on theirs for free.


These won’t get you very far, but may be a way to dip your toe in:


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