Why is all the documentation out of date?

So I recently update to the newest release and found that there is no longer a rake task for removing remote media. Pretty sure I should now be using tootbinctl but there doesnt appear to be any documentation for it. The documentation repo is archived and out of date.

Is there somewhere else I should be looking for documentation on tootbinctl and other things of this nature?

You mean “tootctl” in the “bin/” directory?

Here is how I remove medias older than 90 days (crontab) :
0 3 * * * cd /home/mastodon/live && RAILS_ENV=production /usr/bin/nice -n 19 /home/mastodon/.rbenv/shims/bundle exec /home/mastodon/live/bin/tootctl media remove --days=90 >/dev/null 2>&1

For more information about tootctl, try “tootctl help”

Edit : I think this is the official documentation about tootctl : Post-installation steps - Mastodon documentation

This outdated documentation repo also confused me when I started my Mastodon instance last year :woman_facepalming: Since then, I started searching the web for the newest information instead of trusting any documentation. Half the time the best information comes from a thread on Mastodon itself where someone directly asks a developer :wink:

In this specific situation, @Manuel’s answer above is what you want. I have the same crontab :+1:

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