Which ports to forward on router?

Hello, I thought I had this figured out but I better ask.

[For reference my instance is https://matus.faith, which I installed on my raspberry pi following the production instructions And the tweaks necessary for the Raspberry were here]

On my router I forwarded (on tcp)
80, let’s encrypt wouldn’t work without it in the setup
443, https
587, smtp

Are those enough?
Do I need to forward another one?

You do not have to “open” ports, you have to forward the required ports to your raspberry pi, I would recommend you to get familiar with these different concepts otherwise. A wrong configuration can lead into a high security risk, you have to fully understand what you are doing.

Thanks for correcting me. I’ll fix the title and question.
As you said I did not “open” the ports, I forwarded them, going back to my question, are those the correct ones?

Hello, I created an instance several hours ago on my raspberry pi,
I tooted to my account on another instance, no problem, it seems to be working ok (https, mail verification, everything seems fine)

However the federated timeline is empty, what do I do for it to start filling up?
My instance is https://matus.faith

It should fill up when you start following people. It looks like it’s okay now?

Curious to see how you go running on a Pi!

Yeah, everything’s seems to be ok, I was curious about port 3000 and because the instance hasn’t been listed on instances.social but no one has mentioned the port haha