Where to test translations?

Hi. I’m looking for place where I would be able to test translation of Mastodon, instance based on up-to-date master branch. Is there something like this?

hi, glitch.social generally runs latest master. if it’s not sufficiently up to date you can ping me there (@bea@glitch.social) and I can update it for you.

hope that helps


Thanks, that’s what I was looking for. It helped me to found some mistakes and correct them. How often is it typically updated?

every day or two, but like i said if you send me a direct message i can update it for you any time

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something I noticed on glitch.social (where my settings are in German)

Gesamtes bekanntes Netz (another term for Föderiete Zeitleiste (Federated Timeline)) is too big for the column, its also not clear either why two different terms are used for the same thing…

In my Polish translation for Amaroq I had to be very creative to fit the UI constraints (for example all privacy selectors became four letter words, which is almost impossible in that language:). There are situations where English will use the same term but other languages may want to change the wording for the particular context. For example in English there are quite a few nouns working well as verbs and vice versa.

As a non-native German speaker I find “Föderiete Zeitleiste” strange and it almost always requires explanation. “Gesamtes bekanntes Netz” gives a new user a change to scratch their head and figure it out on their own. So I’d rather have the latter, but it cannot be possibly used in user preferences, where we need to refer to “the window presenting messages coming from gesamtes bekanntes Netz”, so it’s pretty tricky.

But the problem with the length of UI messages is a non-trivial one.