Where are the relays?

relay.joinmastodon.org is no longer running, to my knowledge. the code isn’t production ready for high-volume usage yet

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Does anyone have any further info on this? It was announced in the 2.5.0 release notes and my instance (ausglam.space) is now following another one (aus.social) but I have no idea how to determine my own instance’s inbox URL. Docs are sparse to say the least.

relays are not built in to mastodon, they’re a completely separate server. we don’t currently recommend any relays for production use.

It would be helpful if the release notes said as much instead of leaving everyone to guess.

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(deleted some posts—my mistake, I thought you were replying to a different thread about database migrations)

Found one .
Go there : https://relay.mastodon.host/

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Is every relay welcome to add federate with this relay’s URL https://relay.mastodon.host/inbox ?

I think they are not working…

cc @hugogameiro

I think gled (@gled@mastodon.host) - Mastodon.host is the one who manages that relay. Not sure if it’s still live.

Still, I have nothing to do with Mastodon.host my service is under Masto.host :slight_smile: @nightpool I think you got the names mixed up, no?

oh you’re right, damn. someone should fix that.

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I can not find any manual on how-to set up a relay, did you find any info in regarding that?

Since relay.mastodon.host seems to be the only relay out there, I setup another one in hopes of reducing centralization and single points of failure. Any instances are welcome to join me at https://relay.social.seattle.wa.us

At this point I’ve been running it for about an hour, so I have no idea what kind of limitations I’ll run into or if this will be viable long term, but at this point I don’t really see any reason it wouldn’t, so feel free to join it!

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Pleroma’s relay software has a readme that pretty well explains how to set it up. It was pretty straight forward to get going, just git clone, install the dependencies and start the server.


I have a relay running for anyone to connect to:

Just found this list…: the federation - a statistics hub

This works too :slight_smile:

Civiq.social has opened a federation activity relay:


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English - only relay

Where is this relay hosted from (Country