Where are the relays?



I set up a Mastodon instance a couple of days back for Malayalam speaking friends, so that we can toot away in our beloved native lingo. Right now the instance is a bit of sparse, as it happens with new instances, and I was hoping to solve some of the emptiness problem by hooking up our instance with a federation relay. But I can’t seem to find a federation relay.

Where do I find a federation relay? If you run one, would you be kind enough to let me use your relay?

Thank you!


While the relay features are technically implemented, I do not think there has been a practical implantation guide or even about page writen, so only a handful of people that actually wrote the code for the feat9know how they work? :confused:


Just popping in to thank you for the answer.

I have had a Waiting for relay's approval using https://relay.joinmastodon.org/inbox as a relay. I read somewhere that this was the thing to do, but can’t find the reference. Looking around for information and documentation regarding this function has been pretty tough. I found this thoughJoinMastodon PubRelay GitHub. Would love to see some more information on this :slight_smile:


relay.joinmastodon.org is no longer running, to my knowledge. the code isn’t production ready for high-volume usage yet


Does anyone have any further info on this? It was announced in the 2.5.0 release notes and my instance (ausglam.space) is now following another one (aus.social) but I have no idea how to determine my own instance’s inbox URL. Docs are sparse to say the least.


relays are not built in to mastodon, they’re a completely separate server. we don’t currently recommend any relays for production use.


It would be helpful if the release notes said as much instead of leaving everyone to guess.


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Found one .
Go there : https://relay.mastodon.host/