Whats the difference between two sites of mastadon?

Could you please tell me whats the difference between these two (for example , given below ) ?

Like we have different accounts and celebrity accounts etc in facebook, twitter etc.

Whats the difference ? Are these two completely different websites ?

Can we have a single login usename and password for all domains under mastadon etc ?

For example ::

Not really, each user is centralized at each instance. So duvjones@mastodon.social is different from duvjones@mastodon.cloud for example. The difference being that despite the separation, I can communicate between them and anyone else on the Fedverse via my own login.

The best way to think about how mastodon works is sort of like e-mail, it’s a ton more immediate but which site that I am signed up to doesn’t matter so long as I have the e-mail address, mastodon’s user addresses (duvjones@mastodon.social) work in the same manner. Me being on mastodon.social doesn’t keep me from commenting on things with users of cyber.space, niu.moe, pawoo.net, etc. because they are part of the same network and every user on those sites has an user address that I can contact them with in the public forum.

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Thank you so much for taking time to write it down, appreciate it !

Just one more question, where can i get i get a list of all instances to choose from ?


Do i have to have a programmer to create an instance of my own ? Any easier method ?

You might have a look at https://joinmastodon.org/ or https://instances.social

No, you don’t have to be a programmer, but it is good to have some experience in running some infrastructure for yourself (like a simple webserver or a personal site). Have quick look at documentation/Production-guide.md at master · tootsuite/documentation · GitHub

Otherwise there are some options to buy Mastodon hosting, the instance will be running under your the name you choose.

  1. It says we need to have a server…now do we have to buy one or look for free server hosting etc
    2)Do we need to " Buy" domain name ?
  2. is is possible to have a private chat with someone in like mastodon.social or in other instances ?

thanks in advance