What relays are you using?

Since mastodon.host went offline, I would have thought there would be a need for a new open relay for tiny servers like mine to have a relay to work with. So I created one and invited everyone to let me know if they’d like to join. No one indicated an interest, so I assume there are lots of others, and I am just the odd one – so, what relays do you use?

I’d love to relay with the big ones, but since it requires permission, not sure how to go about that.


Good question. I’d also like to piggyback and ask, why do relays keep disappearing?

In my time lurking here, I keep seeing mentions of relays that seem to no longer exist. Why do they get shut down? Is there a relay hosting common pitfall that no one is sharing?


Not sure at all Feliciano. I suppose people get dinged by the bandwidth. Either way, if you would like to use my open relay, just ping me.

What is your relay? I’ve think mine is set up as one? https://social.stuartbrand.co.uk/ I’ve added others, but they never approve?

There are two types of relays - open and closed (default). Most run closed relays to prevent chaos. I have an open relay that I’m willing to share but am not advertising it to keep the chaos to a minimum. Open relays do not require ‘approval.’ I will DM you the address.

If anyone else wants to use my relay, they are most welcome, just DM me!


Good Afternoon!

I just set up a mastodon instance, and wanted to know a little more about the federation relays. I don’t see any information about them later than 2018, when the functionality was still being developed.

Essentially, it’s a challenge to get people to join and use my instance because their’s no content for them to interact with.

Is there a list of relays somewhere? I noticed that the functionality will allow you to put in any URL, and it will be perpetually stuck “Waiting for relay’s approval” even though google.com is clearly not a mastodon relay.

Help please!!

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@jwyatt - @doodlemania is kind enough to offer access to his relay if you like to try that one!

Sure, that would be great! Thanks! URL?

Please contact him directly (PM here should work).

Will do! If I can figure out how to PM here… :sweat_smile:

Try this Profile - doodlemania - Mastodon Meta Discussion Board and click on Message envelope button

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Please do reach out. I’m happy to offer access to my relay.


I would be interested in using your relay, and how do I check to see if I am able to be setup as a relay


DM me (at)derek(at)toot.thedoodleproject.net

Hi @doodlemania I do not see the option to message you in your profile, but I am really keen if the offer still stands.

UPDATE: NVM … found it