What do InstanceAdmins want to use the Instance Admin discussion board for?

Throw us (me or @noelle) any feedback regarding how you’d prefer to set up this discussion board for instance admins.

Let us know if you want sub-categories (boards) which are only visible to Instance Admins.

Currently this specific board is set up so only InstanceAdmins (or admins/moderators of this discourse) can start a conversation, but anyone can read and reply.

We want to enable you to use this board as freely as possible, not constrain you by only providing a certain set of discussion boards or rights.

I would strongly advocate that the board be positioned as a one-stop solution to light-engagement users as well as serving to allow us to have discussions in the sunlight, so to speak. The Discord causes some discord :3 with the FOSS guys and the fact it is to some extent walled off behind patreon donations has caused some concerns about project transparency and the ease of engagement. I think we have the possibility to use the discussion board to provide an area for community engagement and organic organization, as well as a high quality source to mine documentation, feature requests, and bug reports from people who would otherwise be intimidated by Github.

That being said, It’s probably a good idea to have an moderation/admin only subcategory or two to help negotiate around particularly thorny situations, should those occur. That way we have a record of the evolving norms and reasons for decisions but we still allow for face saving and other graceful solutions when instance-cultures collide.

However, I really think any technical support, admin focuses or no, should be visible and postable by anyone. I hope that by encouraging user level and admin level troubleshooting over discourse we could quickly grow a repository of general knowledge that could serve as a useful and organic source of information for our documentation wiki projects.

In keeping in mind that for some of the FOSS guys this would be the only blessed channel of interaction, I think we should look at the functions that the Discord serves for admins right now and try to replicate that in the category/tag structure.


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Any requests for sub-categories?