What are the new moderation options all about?

So it seems that in 3.3 the moderation options have changed, but I can’t find any documentation on what they mean. There’s no release notes on the blog for 3.3 and there are no references that I can find to “limit” on the documentation site.

Silence etc all seem to be gone and have been replaced with “Limit”. Could someone please explain what “Limit” in the moderation panel means?

Also, have there been any changes to the suspend option etc? These kind of significant changes REALLY need to be better documented.

I might just be an idiot and missed the memo though - that’s highly likely! :blush:

Thanks in advance.



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I don’t know - but here’s how you can find out - go to the releases page Releases · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub and try to identify changes that might have affected moderation options. The pull requests and/or issues linked there contain some discussion about the feature.

I came here to finally ask the same thing and was disappointed and worried to see that there are no answers yet… :worried:

The fact that the announcement for 3.3 was only published today, like a month after it was actually released says everything really.

No mention in that post of what all the new moderation options mean. Only the new suspend workflow is explained.

How are we supposed to administer our instances if things keep changing and they’re either not documented, or so poorly documented it’s almost impossible to find them…

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should provide some background. I agree, it’s not super clear, but I am not able to be the step-up-and-sort-it-out guy, hopefully a few folks will start to help out with documentation at some point


Well it’s been 2 months – has anyone had any luck at deciphering what the developers meant by these terms that are unexplained in the admin UI?

“Suspend” serves the same purpose as before, but works differently, as outlined in the release notes and blog article.
“Limit” is simply “Silence”'s new name as Gargron found that would be more consistent with user-facing terminology.
The next version of Mastodon will include a short description of each action inline: Add inline description of moderation actions in moderation interface by ClearlyClaire · Pull Request #15792 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub