Welcome to Discourse


This is the discussion board for the Mastodon software project, for discussions that are not better fit as GitHub issues (e.g. bug reports or feature requests), nor fit to be ephermal microblogging conversations on Mastodon itself.

  • A lot of users have requested that we tone down the #meta discussions on Mastodon itself
  • We have had requests for a proper feedback channel

This discourse provides both.

We are looking at making a plugin for discourse to be able to login/create an account with your Mastodon account. If that is the kind of project you’d be interested in, I recommend you check out how to here.

There are a few discussions from GitHub, which we would want to see moved to here.



also, the confirmation link in the Email won’t work unless you fix it to HTTPS.


Probably an issue template for Github could be setup to redirect people here…


We’ve only just soft-launched, all public information/links will arrive shortly. Aiming for Friday.


understood, just adding to the checklist really

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