Warnings in last upgrade

I saw some warnings when upgrading (non-docker) to 3.4.1.
Here is a screenshot :

Is there someting I need to do?

Looks like a bunch of warnings only. Everything seemed successful otherwise. Are you experiencing any other issues?

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No, everything seems to work fine.

One thing - it is really hard to use a search engine to search for this error if this is a screenshot :frowning:

Looks like your dependencies got installed twice - once in your .rbenv environment and once coming with mastodon.

Clean up your .rbenv environment and it should go away.

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This is a known issue: v3.4.1: warning: already initialized constant · Issue #16353 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub

This does not appear to cause any actual issue, and it is not an issue with your installation.


Thank you for your answers.

Sorry for this @saper. I will paste the text next time.

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no worries, thanks to @Claire we know all know better what it was

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