Visually distinguishing replies/threads

i can’t find any mention of this, which makes me feel very crazy-pills:
unless i click each toot, it seems like i have to just guess what’s a reply to what, from context.

in a detailed status column with several replies, say:

[focused toot A]
[subtoot 1]
[subtoot 2]
[subtoot 3]

the only thing i can really know is that 1 is a reply to A. 2 might be to A or to 1. 3 who knows.

am i taking crazy pills? is it there and i’m not seeing? is it just dumb of me to care?

i was mocking up CSS to visually distinguish replies, but if there’s more than 2-3 toots, i don’t have DOM markers identifying what is a reply to what and it falls apart.

if i’m not crazy, and this is not implemented, and this is desirable, are there plans to leave some kind of DOM breadcrumb we can use to style it?

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