Using master branch and Ubuntu's Ruby package?

I’m running Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 and currently have Ruby 2.5.1p57 (from Ubuntu’s software source). I have Mastodon pulled from the master branch as of an hour ago, and everything seems to be working fine.

Is there a list of potential issues I should expect to run into with this kind of set-up?

  • I imagine if a commit breaks something, an update later would fix it, along with giving me a chance to report it
  • Does Mastodon support newer Ruby releases? So far it seems the version recommended in the install instructions and the latest officially released Ruby match, but what happens when Ruby 2.6 becomes available?
  • The opposite of the above question, but what about staying on older Ruby versions if new ones exist? Say Ruby 2.6 comes out, and Mastodon supports it. But since I’m using the system packaged Ruby, I’m on 2.5.
  • There are some reports on this forum about make_admin option not working for on dockerized installs.
  • Mastodon generally follows Ruby development, I remember when a switchover from 2.4 to 2.5 was done. I’d expect that the new release notes will mention that a new version is required or recommended, as well as to report when the old version is no longer working.