Using as SMTP service

Hi, I use as my mail service for my domain and I’d like to use SMTP with Has anyone an example .env file for me? I’m currently stuck no matter what I try. The setup page in the knowledgebase wasn’t helpful.

Can you post your current values (without a password)?

Setup with Microsoft Outlook 2013 - Private Clients - Knowledge Base Here is some information how to set up SMTP servers for Outlook - basically you can use the same values (for “SMTP”) for Mastodon as well.

The knowledgebase article wasn’t helpful as stated. Here’s my current .env file
SMTP_PASSWORD=[redacted] <[redacted]>

Can you just put an email address there? Without “” and the brackets?

Thanks, that solved the issue for some reason

This could be because this is used in the SMTP protocol transaction called “MAIL FROM” and there only email addresses can be used, not clearnames.

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