Users signing up and then disappearing


I am running a small instance, which is not federated, so only local content for me and my friends. Recently I discovered new users form IPs abroad signing up, doing nothing and then deleting their accounts again after a few days. To try and control this, I disabled the option of deleting an account, but this morning I found that another one of the new users had successfully removed his/her account anyway?!

What am I looking at here? Anyone with similar experiences? Turned off the server for now, but any input is appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: Could it be that the server automatically deletes accounts that are not confirmed within a certain time? Common to all the strange new users was that they did not confirm their account - status was always “confirming”…

yeah, accounts created more than 2 days ago and left unconfirmed are automatically deleted

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Ah, thanks! Good news - was getting a bit worried I was being hacked.

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