User's public profile missing (404 - The page you are looking for isn't here)

This appears to be the same problem as here:

However, nobody answered and the topic was closed, so I must create a new topic.

I recently migrated my instance off of docker onto a normal VM and upgraded it to 3.1.3 in the process (inadvertently but successfully!)

This has improved performance and reliability very significantly (docker is rotten!). HOWEVER, 2 days later I started to have one user that has the following problems:

  1. They no longer receive notifications, even though notifications are enabled
  2. Their mentions no longer link to their profile
  3. Their public profile is complely gone! (however their profile is still present when you go to where ##### is their account number)

This seems to only affect a single user. It did not happen right after the upgrade, only a couple days later. Is this a bug or did this user change a setting by accident and it’s by design? How do I fix this? I cannot see any apparent differenc in this user’s account that would cause this!

UPDATE: other irregularities:

ALL the URLs descending from the public profile of the affected user are returning 404 as well. For example, none of the user’s public toots are accessible from my instance unless you are a logged in user, or you are following the user and seeing the toot in your own timelines. I suspect federation may be affected for this user too as verifying keys is probably broken now too.

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