Users can't use Whalebird?

First of all, thank you all for the great docs that made setting up an instance relatively painless.

I’ve run into a problem with a specific client, Whalebird.

Users have been using several different clients with no problem, but some relatively savy users have been able to link their other Mastodon addresses to Whalebird, but can’t link their address because of authorization failures on pasting the API key.

I’m not sure where the appropriate log files are to see the explicit error, because I don’t see anything in the log folder? I’m more familiar with the LAMP stack, so forgive me if I’m missing something obvious.

Thank you,

I seem to have found some logs using the

docker container logs mastodon_web_1

Which yielded

method=POST path=/oauth/token format=html controller=Oauth::TokensController action=create status=401 duration=4.81 view=0.00

So I’ll look more into the Oauth set up while I wait to see if anyone has more insight.

It may be a doorkeeper issue?

Fixed yesterday. I’ll try updating.