User-submitted Reports Feedback

I’m pretty sure I know the answer is no, but hoping someone can confirm. When a user reports a toot, and a moderator takes action, there’s no final notice to the original submitter, right? Nothing like “thank you, this report is now closed” or similar?

Correct, communicating the status of a report to the user is the admin/mod’s responsibility


Thanks @nightpool - I’m curious on the anticipated workflow for remote reports, all I have is a domain name. I have federated users asking how to be informed of the outcomes from their user-submitted reports. In this instance I have written a public bog post, but I don’t plan on doing that for every report I get from non-local users.

The sentiment expressed here is not misplaced, although I also would not want to publish the audit log directly. Seems to me we should be able to “close the ticket” with some sort of confirmatory message.