User lists feature?


Hi all, I noticed in the Mastodon UI you can create lists and view lists you have created. But I couldn’t find any way to add anything to the lists. I presume you’re supposed to be able to add users to the lists, and then view the toots from those users as a feed. But there was nothing in the user guide.

So I found this PR: from November where it looks like backend support was added. So this created an API but I guess it’s not hooked up to anything.

To me it seems like the lists feature is pretty important in an world where you don’t have algorithmic filtering. As soon as you’re following a non-trivial number of people, where some of them post 10x/day and others post once every 10 days, you need some finer grained control.

So my question is: Am I missing something? Is there an issue that I can follow which is tracking UI support for lists (couldn’t find it)? Is completion of this feature being targeted for any particular future release (couldn’t find any roadmap information)? Or is help wanted on this?



At this point in time you need to follow people you add to lists. And you add them from within the settings of the list. (See pictures below)

The feature could be more visible, and it could be added as drop-downs on user profiles.

I’m going to try go through the steps, and see if we can figure out what’s missing:

  1. Step one finding the getting started menu -> Lists

  2. Name list Test test

  3. Create and click the toggle where you find edit list

  4. Search among users you follow:

  5. Write account name you’re looking for

b And press Enter for it to search

  1. Added:

b. You can also search for instance names:

  1. Voila

  2. Now it is waiting for new messages, as it doesn’t pull old messages (this could probably be improved, but applies the same on follows iirc)

  3. I followed some extra people to get someone to post something, and asked for help.
    From the top: Test Unlisted, Test Public, Reply

Mostly looks complete, and works as intended.


Oof, that’s a pretty rough UX. I ran into this earlier and gave up on creating lists for a while.

How about a UI where you can page through the full list of accounts you follow with an “Add To List” button on the side?

= List Name
Editing List
[<] You Follow [3/60] [>]
User @user@domain [+ Add]
User @user@domain [+ Add]
User @user@domain [- Rem]
User @user@domain [+ Add]


I agree that it’s rough UX. As is right now, there’s a bunch of stuff I need to have a sitdown with Gargron about, to see what we’re going to be focusing on for development right now.

At least now there’s a comprehensive guide.

If anyone want to submit a PR to improve this feature, let us know in advance, so I can help green light it, etc. (I really don’t want you to put in the work and then having Eugen say plain no, I dunno if he will, but just in case. Let’s ease into this right now.)
We can continue discussing it on here before moving to Github, if wanted.