User Domain Blocking, Interface Mockups

I drew up a basic interface for the domain blocking process. This is a minimally necessary interface, IMO, and could work well for a basic implementation of the feature. Further communication after a block is optional in this interface.

The idea is to make it embarrassingly obvious and similar to the way blocking already works.

(please note: this is not a political document, but a design idea)

Block All (and Mute All) Menu

It’s accessible like other blocking tools. As you may notice, I couldn’t decide where it best belonged…


The confirmation is strongly worded, clearly stating the number of users that stand to be cut off. Also, a checkbox asks the user if they want to receive notifications. Notifications are a bare necessity feature for allowing discussion after a block. The checkbox could obviously implement some other communication/resolution policy agreed upon.

Accessing Your Blocklist

Blocks & mutes are in the same place, just renamed.

Using the Blocklist

A separate section for blocked or muted instances appears. The instance can be clicked on for more settings, or viewing the about page of the instance, etc.