Uploading WebM files result in nginx timing out (504 Bad Gateway)


I have come across a problem on my instance that I am having difficulties troubleshooting with journalctl.

Video and pictures can be uploaded without an issue to the instance, except if the file is WebM bigger than 1MB. I can upload way bigger MP4s without issues.

If the WebM file bigger than 1MB is uploaded, the upload completes, then it hangs for 60 seconds after which nginx times out the connection. In journalctl I can see that ffmpeg is trying to process the webm and convert it to mp4, but I assume that it doesn’t manage to do that within 60 seconds and nginx times out the connection.

If I upload small webm files I can see that they are converted to mp4 when published.

The instance relies on a S3 bucket for object storage, but I do not think this is the problem.

Is it possible to avoid converting webm to mp4?

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