Upgrading to 2.9.3 BIND issue


I use LXC, and mastodon runs in a container, all services binds to and then it is served by nginx running on the host server reading from <container.ip>:3000, <container.ip>:4000

Now with the change in the Binding defaulting to, nginx wouldn’t be able to connect to the container services… so i followed the “upgrade notes” and edited my .env.production and added “BIND=” then restarted everything, but only the streaming service (:4000) respects this, the puma one (:3000) still binds to

I did workaround it by editing systemd’s mastodon-web.service and added:

But i still wish to know if i did something wrong or maybe the upgrades instructions are unclear ? is my setup wrong, etc…?

Any input would be appreciated.


Both should be equivalent, maybe the puma service didn’t restart correctly…?

did the usual systemctl stop/start…
i watch the process dissapear via pstree…
the logs explicitly said “Listening on tcp://”
with the BIND= in .env.production
when i added the BIND envar to systemd’s conf… then logs changed too to: Listening on tcp://

So yeah, pretty sure it was restarting correctly

The Puma config is read before dotenv is loaded, so BIND has to be specified with a real environment variable and not in the dotenv file.