Upgraded 1-click installer - old version number still displaying

I successfully updated (I think) the one-click installer to 3.3.0.

But the version in the footer is still showing v3.1.3.

Is that a big deal? Is there something else I need to do to update that?

I see the template .json uses the {github} variable or constant, so it’s not hardcoded or anything.

When I login to the instance and do a git status in the live folder, it says “HEAD detached at v3.3.0”


How did you rebuild the frontend?

I thought I did everything the release notes told me to. Looks like I didn’t restart all of the services. :roll_eyes:

Restarting the web services fixed the issue.

The release notes, plus this page: Upgrading to a new release - Mastodon documentation


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