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As transparency is useful, and I am already doing this for myself anyways, I figured it could be useful to add here on the updates category as well.
Titled “from the project manager” for now, as I do not know if Gargron will be doing anything similar (we just haven’t discussed it yet). And “daily” as in for the days I work.

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Long day, but I am definitely back on the job.

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Today I have focused greatly on re-organizing myself, which did not take as much time as I feared it could. Then I have worked on summarizing the discourse to have a neat overview of what’s going on.

Gargron and I had our weekly check up call, as we had been taking some time off work and kinda missed each other’s work hours in the past week. It is nice to establish that you’re on the same page in 30min or less.

And release management. Phew.

Thank yous:
Thank you to @saper our resident supporter, mostly active on https://discourse.joinmastodon.org/

@noelle for being all-around helpful.

@polymerwitch for making the support bot! GitHub - polymerwitch/SupportBot: A framework for making social media bots for multiple networks

@jeromelaval for letting me know they would support me via Liberapay if I set an account up.

Today I would also like to send a special thanks to @hoodie, as fae has made some great contributions to the mastodon project.
Hoodie is really good at making mock-ups and outlining of new features, and always has accessibility and anti-harassment in mind.
If you, as I do, like what fae does, you should support fae on #patreon


After that superlong day I came to realize that it was a little bit too much. Which has left me a bit slow for the past two days.

Here’s what I’ve been up to.
Continued work on release management. What this entails can vary a lot, but it’s discussing and preparing patch-notes, or road maps mostly.
I am now working with check-lists to keep myself on track, and to help myself re-focus. This is to be as efficient as possible in how I work, as if a lot of time gets lost by trying to figure out what to do, it is a waste of money for the Mastodon project, which I would not want to cause.

We have also continued the discussion about Moderation here on discourse, which is currently between admins and moderators of the discourse. When we have something tangible we will show it to you guys, and listen to feedback.


So, I wanted to update you guys a little bit, as Ive been half out of commission for the past 3 weeks or so. I’ll set a goal to work my way back up slowly, starting with 1-2hrs / day, then adding on 1hr per week over the coming weeks. So you know if I seem to be working very little, I’m just trying to work consistently rather than squeeze in a lot of hours. And I believe this way will get me back on my feet the fastest.

This has a lot to do with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I want to find ways to work with you.
To help me there are a few things you can do:

  • Avoid direct or private messages as much as possible, as they lock me out of being able to share it or direct it to someone who knows better, and makes me an unnecessary bottle neck.
  • Help answer peoples questions (be it under #needhelp or the public timelines)
  • Help answer questions on here
  • Help update the Wiki with basic “FAQ” questions, and lists of people to connect users to regarding very specific questions.
  • Update the Get involved, to look nicer and function better.

So, that said, Today I submitted my hours for my 2nd billing cycle working with Mastodon. I am not nearly maxing hours yet, which is good, because that means we can put money to other good use, like supporting our Admin team.

We have had a huge influx of new users, on Mastodon.social, and the mastoverse in general for the past few days. It would appear that “Black Twitter” found Mastodon, after yet another Twitter fuckup. We welcome you all to our little piece of peace. This means that a lot of my work for the past 24hrs or so, has revolved around acclimating these new users, helping out with reports (thank you for submitting these), and answering a lot of questions.

When we closed m.s again yesterday, we took the time to try and improve the message, to help people understand that there are a lot more servers out there. We also shared this message via @Mastodon

A short release update re 1.4.2-3 went up. Yey, you can delete your account now!

I spent some time looking over some very old feedback, and tried to associate them, to the best of my abilities, to GitHub issues. I still have some work to do with this.

And I have spent a lot of time playing catch-up since my last update.

And I probably forgot a lot of things.


The past few days is having a lot of emotional cost, and to be quite frank, physical stress reactions. Somehow I have been working a lot of hours for the past few days, but unfortunately I do not really have much good to tell you about what I have been working on. As most of it has gone to damage control.

The regular support, and discourse reading ofc. But no progress on my to-do list, which I know a lot of you are waiting for me to finish some stuff on the list for. And I’m really sorry for not being able to provide you with that right now.

Our admin team has come to an agreement that we require a some time to finalize a protocol for how to deal with silencing and unsilencing, to make it as smooth an experience as possible in the future. Once this is published, we will also publish the servers we have silenced.


Took the weekend off, but let’s see what I’ve been up to since the previous update.

Been working on the protocol with our admins on mastodon.social, for silences of servers. Keep in mind that this wouldn’t usually be my business of work, but as I’ve come in a position of catch-all for Community Management, Public Relations and general Support I currently have to help this complete. And until we can hire a community manager, I have to do what needs to be done.

Friday and Saturday was dedicated to some good fediverse love.

Today I mostly dedicated to working on the protocol, I think we’ll be ready to share it for feedback later tonight; support; and updated our liberapay team. We’ve decided to share equal with the m.s admin team members (who wanted a share) up to €100/person/month (which would be €25/person/week). I think it is important to note here that the admin team, also does a lot of support, either via discourse, the @support account, and other ways.


Today was mostly dedicated to finishing off the draft of “The protocol”. Feedback on the document is welcome, we will leave it open for feedback for a week, before finalizing our draft. You can read the reasoning for the document in the above linked thread.


Apparently I haven’t updated in 13 days. Sorry about that. I spent the past week or so in quite a bad state, I believe my body may have taken rest I knew I needed but forgot to take myself. I’ve made some updates regarding my health on my own timeline (if anyone’s interested in reading that, you know where to find it).


It has been over a month since I last made an update here. There are a few reasons for this, but biggest of all during the past billing cycle I did not work a lot. I got sick a few times, and only did about 20hrs of work. Those hours were mostly spent catching back up, and just doing a little bit of work to keep going, keep moving forward.
A majority of my work hours has been put towards working with the mission/vision statement, which needed to be rewritten and improved. It’s been done incrementally, and with an aim to refocus myself with the project as well as finishing it. It is not yet done.


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