Trending Hashtags broken


since several weeks the trending hashtags are not showing correctly anymore, on one of my instances.
They seems to get stuck, because the last 3 hashtags are shown and have “0” as count. (“organspende” was trending a few weeks ago, before it stopped to work and is showing now “0”)!

I tried to reindex the database and waited a few days, but it dont “self heal”. I have restarted the whole server (e.g. all services).
I dont have a glue, where to look into, the logfiles /var/log/syslog is not showing any hints,
Redis is running.
In the administration i see that the hashtags (actual trending hashtag should be “sabine”) get updated, but not on the homepage itself…

Screenshot_20200209_232845|650x500 Screenshot_20200209_232852

Perhaps someone has an idea?


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