Translators for Patch Notes / Updates

So, I’m about to sit down and write an update, and I realize we don’t have a dedicated place for volunteers to provide their translations.

I am aware that there are a lot of people working on translations for the UI, which is amazing, and a lot of ad-hoc translations happen too.

Now, as we are getting a bit more streamlined it would help us have a place where we can post for help, and post for offering help with translations.

I am inviting both people who need help, and people who want to help, to use this category! Read more here.

Now, to the actual point, I would love to have a somewhat standby ready team to help translate patch notes and updates we write here. Which will be posted in Updates - Mastodon Meta Discussion Board

You can reply to topics written there with either a link to a place where you are working on the translation, in case more people want to help, beginning with “Translation [lang-code]” (as used for localization).

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HI maloki :slight_smile:
I am new to this board and not sure what is needed exactly.
As a volunteer translator for French on various open source projects (I contributed to French Mastodon interface and documentation) I can probably give occasional help, but I cannot find anything on Updates - Mastodon Meta Discussion Board. Would you please tell me more? Thanks.

This post for example:

(it is attributed to Gargron, while I guess you were looking for something that I would’ve posted)

OK I have released a translation for French on this wiki page Home · Wiki · Framasoft / framapiaf · GitLab so that French users can edit and improve if necessary. Fell free to provide the link on the appropriate place/thread on this discourse board (or should I create a new topic?)

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You can make a new topic as per instructions in this thread.