Translation to kurdish language (Northern kurdish)

Hi there! i would to know how to start the translation process of mastodon into kurdish?


It looks like there is a Kurdish translation which you should be able to work on at CrowdIn. Please update this thread whether it works or not as I’ve not setup an account there.


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Hi again and thank you for your reply.
Actually there is sorani kurdish (central kurdish)
but i ask for kurmanji kurdish (northern kurdish)

Great. If you know the two-letter ISO code for Northern Kurdish you might add that to an issue to add a locale like Please add gd locale · Issue #15826 · mastodon/mastodon · GitHub.

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For northern kurdish the ISO code is ku
For central kurdish it’s ckb

Translation to kurdish language (Northern kurdish) - #2 by weex on github naming the sorani kuridsh as Ku is so wrong the right is ckb, this makes us suffering so much I’ll suggest renaming it today
please take a look at this

I’m still waiting for an answer…

I agree this is a problem, the next step is for you to create an issue in github. Please add gd locale · Issue #15826 · mastodon/mastodon · GitHub may help though you’re requesting a renaming of one locale and then repurposing of the existing for you if I understand correctly. If you don’t have a github account or don’t want one, write out a description of the problem the best you can and I’ll create the issue for you.

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Hi again, and sorry for my delayed answer, I need to understand this point what I should to do at first step? I’ve asked on crowdin to add kurmanji Kurdish and they did, should I start translate there or? And yes I need to rename ku into ckb
But I’ve 0 experience on GitHub, I remembered that I’ve requested for renaming an existing locale file into ckb many times but I get no reply, so I’m not sure if i can change anything there.

Best regards

Github isn’t too hard but yes I think the next step is for you to create an issue there. Once you setup an account, go to Issues · mastodon/mastodon · GitHub and click the green new issue button. I think this is a Bug request so on the next screen pick that, fill it out and submit it. See the issue I linked above if you want an example of perhaps how to compose the request.

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Thank you for all those informations, now everything is ok, i started the translation too, i hope it’s gonna be available soon