Toots not expandable by clicking on them in profile view

When I view a user profile ( on my server which has a couple of toots with replies in the time line, I see that there are replies at the corresponding symbols below the post.

But I can’t “zoom” the toots to their full view by clicking on them. There is no way to see the toot and all replies to it.

All replies are public, and when I see the same toot! in the public overview, I can click on the date and I’m getting the full view of the toot including the replies.

I’d categorize this as a major UI issue. Any thoughts here? Or even better a workaround until this is fixed?

Thanks! :blush:

OK, I found that you can get the full view of the toot by clicking on it’s age.

But I’m asking me if any of my users, at least visitors of the public stream, will find this as well :thinking:

I think it would be an improvement if a click somewhere on the toot area would show the full toot viewing this is possible.

Sounds like issue #11361.

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