Toots empty when viewing profile on remote instance

Hi all,

When I view a profile for a remote account on my instance (e.g., where account 804 is one not, I often see no toots or toots with replies in the profile shown in the right-hand column. It’s not that case for all remote accounts though; often there are toots. What controls when toots are present/synced or not?

Apologies if this is a newbie question, and thanks for your time!

– James

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Hey James,

have you solved this issue for your instance?

  • dom

I haven’t made any changes, but it does seem to be a little better these days. That said, it’s not unusual for me to click on a profile on my instance and see it has thousands of toots, but only see a couple on the profile page, so I’m not sure that it’s totally fixed.

… nor am I actually sure what the expected behaviour really is; it might be that my instance has scheduled some job to go find the missing toots and that takes a few minutes to be run?

Your instance is only going to show toots since it discovered the account.

Fetching old toots is still being worked on.

If you click on a given user, you’ll only see statuses for time periods when someone on your server follows that user. If no one on your server follows that user, then you’ll only see statuses that made it to your server in other ways (someone you DO follow boosted or replied to them, they’re replies to someone you follow, or similar)