Toot Confirmation Prompt / Editing Toots

The requests for the ability to edit a toot are as numerous as the explanations given as to why that is technically complex in a federated network of independently operated servers. I’d like to propose an optional “Toot Confirmation Prompt” that would act as an off-ramp opportunity for a user to notice a change they would like to make before actually sending the toot.

An example process flow for a user with the confirmation prompt toggled on:

  1. User types toot as normal and clicks/taps the Toot button.

  2. The user is shown a client-side-only rendering of the toot as it will be displayed in their home feed upon confirming, along with a “Commit” (but will better verbiage) button, an “Edit” button, and a “Cancel (Delete Toot)” button, each triggering the obvious action.

I think this could eliminate many user issues around the lack of edit functionality without requiring a massive engineering effort that is ultimately doomed to fail in actual practice until such point that the underlying protocols have a well-adopted strategy that makes this type of trick obsolete.


For what it’s worth, we’ve got a competing suggestion: a time window during which a user can edit a toot. The toot then wouldn’t federate out until the window had ended or the user had clicked an “I’m satisfied with this” button.


That would work.

It might be more complex since there’s still the “update the copy already on people’s screens and in their notifications on the local instance” issue, but that’s not insurmountable, just a pain in the neck for someone to implement well. :slight_smile:

That said, whatever gets the job done is good in my book.

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… aaand I just typoed a toot.

I’ve been thinking slightly similarly, that it would be nice to have a time-delay and edit cycle.

So when you hit “toot” it doesn’t, it just queues. Later, after whatever time you set in preferences an edit window pops up.

When you press confirm there you’re done and your toot goes out.

This would however considerably change the feel of conversations, so I doubt everyone would want it. There are reasons birdsite doesn’t do these things after all :wink:

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That’s part of what makes this better, we can have it do things that don’t make business sense but totally make end-user sense, even for small subsets of users. :slight_smile:

I personally think that this may be the best solution to this issue. As the problem with federating edits has always been insurmountable (well maybe not, but it feels like it).

If anyone can write up an issue, and reference this thread, as well as reference the issue from here, that would be highly appreciated. Or I’ll do it when I get to it.

Given my workflow the toot really should disappear in the waiting period and come back for editing/approval. (And never ‘auto-federate’.)

Am I the odd one out here?

I have this feeling that different people have different work flows.

Like the Tweetdeck/Twitter “Are you ready to Tweet?” was really disruptive to my workflow, but it seems to have been removed now.

However, the thoughts in this thread are worth reviewing. However, this is not a high-priority feature right now.

(Sorry for the mega-late reply)