Too many synonyms for "toot" and "account"

I have found that there are too many synonyms for both words, toot and account.

  • Toot sometimes is called message, status, or post. This could be very confusing, specially for newcomers. I’d suggest here to use toot only.
  • While account sometimes is called people, person, or someone. At Mastodon there are humans and bots as well, then I’d suggest to use account only.

Thanks for reading.


I agree that consistent wording would be a good idea. IMO it would be better to generally prefer post over toot, because “post” isn’t a Mastodon-only word, and there’s no harm in being well-understood.

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I like toot because it is what differentiates us from the rest, but I 100% agree there should be consistency.

I wish we had a nice replacement for account so that it does not read like an accounting system.

It’s an identity. I’d call it that.