Timeline Designer

I’ve heard some scuttlebutt about various filtering, from language to muting instances, hashtags and so on. IMO, general timeline filtering is looking more and more useful.

How about a Timeline Designer that is similar to a smart playlist, like this:

After you save your query, you can:

  • select it like any other timeline
  • store it on the server
  • save it to hard drive
  • share it with others.

In the json of a toot, there are plenty of data that can be filtered. How about phrases like this:

  • author bio [contains/does not contain]: knots
  • [matches/does not match] regex: capital(ism|ist)
  • Media count > 1
  • Character count < 140
  • domain origin [contains/does not contain] dolphin
  • visibility >= unlisted
  • Content Warning == False
  • NSFW == True
  • Application == Tusky
  • User has bio picture == True
  • User name contains ‘music’
  • Hashtag list [contains] #mastoart #faq
  • reply == True
  • mentions list [contains] @upside
  • text [contains/does not contain/equals] ‘philosophy’
  • hyperlink count > 2
  • author follower count < 3
  • mention count > 2
  • reply depth < 1

And so on. The idea is that you can design the logic of a ‘smart’ timeline using a simple menu-driven GUI, and save it for use at your dashboard.

If there’s enough enthusiasm, I might even bother to dig into the Mastodon code :wink: though for me it would take eons…