Thumb-up triggered micro-donations

Hello Mastodon community,

I really appreciate what you do and would like to help in solving some of the challenges of mass adoption:

  • visibility and donations to attract content creators
  • a new liberal and decentralized kind of content filtering and discovery to improve user experience
  • “the circulatory system”, where authors can choose a revenue share to give for instance hosting to ensure scalable and sustainable hosting

We develop a free nonprofit micro-donation processor with a focus on privacy and freedom. It could be a good fit for Mastodon in multiple ways:

  • Thumb-up triggered or recurring micro-donations: transparent and optionally anonymous with no service fees, connected to Mastodon keys so that they don’t require additional clicks for checkout. Instance domain owners can choose to receive a share to make hosting sustainable and scalable.

  • Visibility: applications built on the open donation statistics enable users to follow their favorite authors no matter where they publish. There’s not much difference where your authors choose to post - Twitter, Telegram, Facebook or Mastodon - you will see them alike, even if they happen to get banned from one of the platforms. Micro-donations to embedded content are shared between creator and Mastodon instance host. Example: Smartlike

  • Decentralized crowdsourced moderation: while universal moderation practices of the market leaders underperform, complete absence of moderation on some Fediverse project instances doesn’t improve user experience either. Smartlike helps develop systems where users decide on whether or how to filter the Internet.

Details on Smartlike

Let us cooperate!
Thank you,
Vadim Frolov,, Vienna

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Thanks @vadim.frolov , it’s definitely a nice idea in my opinion.

I went to your website but I found it pretty confusing:

  • The login dialog asks me to enter or generate a key. A random password from my random generator has been considered invalid; Maybe the generator should be one clear option to “sign up”.
  • I see some account from already in the system, but could not see if it signed up for anything and how. The author’s guide is kind of confusing, what do I exactly do?
  • I am told to done to someone to begin because “my account is empty”, but I couldn’t figure out how do do that… Tried to click on the “like” then had to login (I though I was logged in already, but maybe it’s a security measure) then I got an empty Smartlike page (or just one with the “Smartlike developer” if I remove “” filter).
  • Most obvious place would be to add Smartlike property to the Mastodon user profile, but even I want to post something with the address, what exactly the value of account in Smartlike: <account> should be? My public ID looks like a 256 bit value (a SHA-256 hash, maybe), but then I try to donate to you I see that the address looks more like UUID, which is 128 hash.
  • It is not obvious what an “address” is when entering Paypal account data…
  • The links to a “gateway” *(payment gateway?) go currently nowhere for me!

Just few things when starting playing out with this thing…

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Wow, I somewhat managed to make a donation and now some money is there but now few strange things continue to happen:

  • updating my Identity seems to get positive response (Smartlike network: Profile updated), there is even 200 and “ok” as a response to “POST”.

I have donated to 4855e1d3-ac4a-f6c4-8e03-f66001cef053 and then some small amount in USD (I chose EUR!) appeared on my account; then it got reduced by one dollar to reach $0.24 and now it ended up at $-0.76 without me doing much! What does it mean?

  • When I try to “Smartlike new content” I get a “A smokin’ smartlike! You can see how much money you pledged under …” Very funny, but what does it mean? It also disappears so quickly… Hate popups like this!

Please, if you launch something do say it is a very early alpha pre-release or something…

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Thank you for you feedback @saper !
Sorry, you had difficulties with onboarding. Our fault. We improve the instructions, fix the mastodon profile metadata import - the integration is still in the works - and quickly resolve all issues you have reported. I hope you could bear with the early Mastodon integration and help us finish/test the feature. Should we solve less general questions in direct messaging? Thank you!

I will answer more general from your questions here:

  • The accounts in the system are not yet connected to Smarlike accounts. I sent them a few likes which translate to a few cents. The money is accumulated until claimed (or returned on expiry). The claiming procedure is what I wanted to discuss with you. My first thought was that (1) you place your signature “Smartlike: account” in your Mastodon profile to tell the system it should route all donations to this account, and (2) you can authorize your Mastodon account keys to sign donations with one-click on Mastodon. Does it make sense to you?
  • Current smartlike identity works like this: mnemonic phrase is used to generate a key pair, a more compact UUID hash is registered as an account number. The latter is only registered the first time funds are added (to prevent spam). We’ll clarify this.
  • You payment “gateway”, the way to cash in will be normally suggested to users as soon as you have collected a sufficient amount of likes or you get a credit line to help resolve the chicken an egg problem. We could use a Mastodon metric to set initial credit lines for the users. Current number of followers?
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Sure, go ahead. Maybe smartlike should get its own forum or something…

I have re-posted my original notes to Smartlike GitHub Discussions