[thesis crunch] See you soon!

I figured I may as well make a proper post about it, so everyone knows. I am going to crunch the rest of my thesis, and I need to be without distractions, for hopefully obvious reasons.

The below link is to a timer for when I’ll be back. Without accounting for that I may need to rest after I submit my thesis.


I will catch up on the threads on here when I get back, but if you want bring other links to my attention (eg. to discussions on Mastodon), feel free to dump them with a short summary in a reply below.

See you soon, and be nice to each other while I’m gone! o /


I did it. I submitted in time \o/

Now I just need to get some rest, survive the opposition, and submit another paper and I have my degree.

This means that I am still kinda busy until the 2nd of June, and after that I probably need some rest, but I will try to check in a bit more than I have the past few days now. :slight_smile:

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I have to admit that I actually need, and deserve rest. It is hard. But my body is clearly telling me to rest properly.

Thanks @admins for having my back, so I know I can step away and rest for a few days.
I wont be working until at least the 4th of June.