Themes on this discourse

We offer two themes right now, Light and Dark. The dark theme is inspired by (and in progress).

You can find and change to the either theme in your preferences in your preferences.

Any feedback on the theme’s and requests, can be left in this thread.

Nitpick: the log in with Patreon button doesn’t play well with the new theme. I’ll look in to where the colors for that button are defined.

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Solved with “.btn-social.patreon{background-color: #6d6d6d;}” in the custom css settings for the theme.


Guys, forgive me for suggesting because I’m a lurker, but by far the biggest ‘look & feel’ issue you have imho is on mobile.

You really should consider a logo instead of “Mastodon Meta Discussion Board” which takes up 4 lines on my mobile (a pretty standard screen size in the form of an iPhone 7)!! That’s a big waste of real-estate on mobile. This even blocks the search entry (see below). This should really be limited to one line if at all possible.


PS I run two Discourse sites so I’m familiar with the platform

Sadly I have no powers to change it – @Gargron @discourse ?

New logo looks great, thanks for updating :slight_smile:

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