TFA broken due to lack of time synchronization


I am blessed by errors it seems. Did an upgrade to 1.4.3 and since then, TFA is not working anymore. I manually disabled tfa for everyone and set it up again, unfortunately it is still not working.

Using google authenticator with mastodon two factor auth.

Any hints on how to get it to work again?

I did not touch any secrets keys.


Just a simple thing, is your server time well synced?

Oh well, that is somewhat embarassing now. It was actually not the servers fault, but the phones. It decided not to do timesyncs anymore and, well, it was a minute and 5s behind. The server is well synced with my stratum 2 ntp server with at max 5ms offset.

Well at least the thread’s here now for future reference :stuck_out_tongue:.

Sorry for bothering and suspecting an error.

Have a nice evening everyone.