Switch from production to development


I have mastodon installed on Arch Linux and all Mastodon services are running fine. I don;t want to setup SSL and a webserver proxy - I just want to access via localhost:3000.

What config changes do I need to switch mastodon to development?

you’ll need to use the .env file instead of the .env.productipn file. you’ll also need to re-create the database, since by default mastodon uses a different DB_NAME for development and production. that should be it! you might have to re-do bundle install using RAILS_ENV=development, depending on how you installed gems the first time

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Thanks nightpool. In the light of your answer it’s probably easier and safer to just reinstall. The install script has a prompt for development/production. Better get it right this time. :slight_smile:

Actually there is no dev/test option in the script.
I can recreate the database. But I am not sure about rerunning the install for development. In the ARCH build script, there is this:

build() {
cd mastodon-pkgver bundle install \ -j(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN)
–deployment --without development test
yarn install --pure-lockfile

Do I just knock out --without development test?
Or leave test and replace with --without development production

If you’re installing for development purposes, you should use bundle install && yarn install

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