SWIFT_AUTH_URL malformed / problems while setting up ovh object storage

Hi there, i am currently trying to figure OVH object storage (Swift) out, on a local install of mastodon.

It appears that SWIFT_AUTH_URL keeps appending /v2.0/tokens, so https://auth.cloud.ovh.net/v3 becomes https://auth.cloud.ovh.net/v3/v2.0/tokens which results into an 404 error when i try to upload something.
This is kinda conflicting with the comment, written into the example config:

# Keystone V2 and V3 URLs are supported. Use a V3 URL if possible to avoid
# issues with token rate-limiting during high load.

When i however instead don’t add the v3, it uses a valid url, due to this appending thing, but complains about me being unauthorized (401).

Now i don’t really know how to proceed.
I am also unsure about this thread title :innocent:

To use authentication v3 you need to not set SWIFT_TENANT in .env.production or fog-openstack will automatically fallback to v2 if tenant is detected.

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