Suspension after username

I suspended an account of user so username will be available for registration or not?

No, when you suspend a user their username is left behind so they can’t sign up again.

what can be doen to make that username available again as suspension doen on request not on doing something wrong

Can you answer its kind of important

There is no way to just passively make the username available again. However tootctl accounts create USERNAME --reattach --force --email=EMAIL allows you to create a new account with the same username.

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Thanks that will do the magic. is there any way to delete account rather than suspending?

Usernames always remain reserved.

However, to “delete” rather than “suspend” a user (emulating the user’s own “delete my account” function), you can use tootctl accounts delete USERNAME

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for the record, I want to say that I don’t recommend using these functions, since they can cause the new user to show up as the old user to some remote servers, and generally can cause bad interactions with federation

What if i used tootctl accounts delete USERNAME delete the user rather than suspension. that would not create an issue right?