Survey: Forking for Governance

Title kind of says it all. And this thread says the rest. But let me introduce the survey:

No one can Fork-Off alone, but together we may be able to.

The point of Mastodon has been the following: “… being a decentralized, standards-based social network with a focus on user experience and anti-abuse tools.” However, we have seen pushback from developers when we request that new features be vetted for their potential for abuse, and the developers of the main Mastodon fork seem more interested in writing interesting code than in adhering to the project’s commitment to a positive user experience and a reduction in harm. Many of us believe that a major fork of the project, with a strong focus on user-focused governance and community and project management, bears investigation.

Due to this, we have decided to investigate forking-off of Mastodon to create a project, with a board, with greater focus on those topics.

This survey is going to ask what you would be willing to provide in regards to the Fork-Off. Help will be needed for not only programming, but user experience, community management, art, design, outreach etc. etc. As such, this survey will be up for at least two weeks, to gather as many answers as possible.

Anonymous responses are okay as they help show interest. Alternately, if you wish to leave your contact information so we can reach out to you for help when the time comes, that would be appreciated as well.

This survey was created by maloki | new home ( - Elekk: Mastodon for Gamers with the help of some other users of Mastodon. The data collected in this survey will be used to gauge the interests in such a Fork-Off, the .csv file of the responses may be downloaded for analysis, and written comments may be used publicly to start further discussions (without attribution).

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Really excited to see this happening. Thanks for putting the survey together (and to anyone else who helped).

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