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I’ve been wanting to make a blog post, but I figured it would be better to have a thread here, which can update itself.

To make it easier for supporters of this decentralized network to find their server’s preferred means of support, I figured I’d start a thread here.

So, server Admins: Together with an introduction to your server, and info about the team (if there is one), post your servers donation/support alternatives.

Do not forget to add the links!

[this post is written by maloki, but attributed to Gargron]

Supporting the project of Mastodon, does not only mean that you support me directly, it also means that you support our Project Manager, and our admin team. It means that time and money can be put towards development, and working with the project as a whole.

The admin-team on is also admins here on discourse.

Hi there! I run – a place for tech folks to discuss whatever interests them (not just computers!). I run it alone and fund Digital Ocean/Mailgun/S3 costs through Patreon:



I run, a Star Trek themed server. We have folks role-playing various Star Trek characters but that is not mandatory to use the instance. I am currently the only admin on the instance.

Donation methods:

3 Likes is a cybrepunk / glitch-punk / technofuturist mostly-anglophone (but welcoming over other languages) mastodon instance. we try to maintain a small-community vibe (~450 users at the time of writing) by opening an hour a day (the glitching hour), and ensuring a pleasant environment through moderation.

cybrespace is run by two college students in our spare time. we’re doing it mostly for our own benefit, but we do appreciate not having to worry about server costs, which we can only do with the support of donations! You can help pay us back for our work on system administration (me, @chr) and community moderation (@nightpool) by donating to the cybrespace patreon:

if Patreon isn’t your thing, you can give one-time donations on paypal or to bitcoin wallet address 1JuVCZmdjJysqJoM6F61pRiTJwBcX5L9E5

3 Likes is just another instance. Feel free to pay me a beer.
BTC : 3Pak9gkiU4R7K9qeHYySFyueRRCRuioXsN

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I’m the admin of, a general purpose instance. I do my best to keep it fast, secure, and alive.

Other means of donation :

  • ETH : 0xe673F66AEA00D0b7b8D968e837022E84B9d2534C
  • LTC : LSVQpJD3Vh3tMLkk3tZhSTPrjGHu6PkxZQ
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Hi, I am I run, a general purpose instance, mostly French-speaking, and actively moderated. I run it on a dedicated server at and off-site backups. I do not use third-party services (Cloudflare, S3, Mailgun, …) for privacy.


What’s up all, i’m Daniel (@techface) hosting Like most, it’s general purpose and is geared to all beings in all walks of life. I just started it up a couple weeks ago and so it’s very small, but i’ve already hardened my server, put daily backups in place and will eventually run a nodebalancer for the backend stuff. Assets are stored in S3. I’m not currently asking for any donations, as i can’t even count all users on two hands! Maybe down the road. Come be a tuna in the social world!

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I’m the humble admin of and I’m working on managing a photography first instance. All things photography are welcome.

Patreon: Ambassador ( is creating and managing Mastodon instance | Patreon
Liberapay: photog_social's profile - Liberapay


Hey all

I run/admin Have only been up a short time, and have, to date, funded my digital ocean droplet personally. That may have to change if we get some growth and I hope we do.

Drop by if your a sportsfan too!


Hello everyone,

I just thought to make a post here too, so my instance is Koyuston and I’m almost currently paying this thing on my own. This instance has registrations opened between 3-4pm CET and this process doesn’t have a spacey name. It’s for all the cute and awesome people, but I think it’s more a general purpose instance for all the topics I and other people love. I also added an awesome theme with more rounded edges and have strict rules set from begging to sexism and if anyone is behaving bad or trolling/harassing other people consider to be muted or completely blocked. I also block some bad instances supporting childporn/loli or begging other users for money. I guess I do a good job here. You can help me out here either by supporting this instance via PayPal or by making an account and letting this instance grow. Make sure you follow some fancy people out of this instance, because I still don’t get a federation bot set up.

See ya :slight_smile:

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Hello Mastonauts! I’m and I run

Mammouth Café is a Swiss Mastodon instance running on a French server and open to the world. We particularly welcome artists and illustrators, journalists and writers, librarians and archivists, scientists and engineers, teachers, as well as all curious minds. We’re a small instance, less than 200 users for now, mostly English- and French-speakers, but some Italian-speakers are present as well. We will limit the total number of users to 640.

If you wish to support me with server costs, etc., you can donate on Liberapay: Donate to skk via Liberapay


I’m running since late June 2017. My instance is (as the name suggests :wink: ) primarily for metalheads, but everyone else is welcome, too! Currently there are only 27 users on my instance and more than enough resources left, so if you are looking for a fast instance, this might be interesting for you!

The server is hosted in Germany and powered by 100% green energy. Feel free to join:

If you want to drop some money for this instance or a beer: thomasleister's profile - Liberapay Thanks! :slight_smile:

1 Like is a general instance. I’m the only admin. We stay up to date within a few days of releases. There aren’t many of us (~20? With 3-5 active right now.)

I run a patreon:

Greetings all, and Merry Meet! I’m

I’ve just set up the Eldritch World Nomes instance on a VPS.

It’s a Pagan board but we also like to talk about coffee and beer. I am the only admin (Nome) on the instance.

Please visit us!

Donations are strictly optional, but if you must:

BTC: 1Hyr6dX7thk818gXTfEDfqcRHvGWjxtHkM

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Hello, I am the owner of which is is focused on the Niche MMORPG and Video Games. One of the most important reasons I am hosting a Mastodon Instance is support decentralization of Social media. And hosting a quality instance available for everyone that are interested for instances like this one.

Personally I believe that decentralization the key to a better internet and success and it will avoid a lot of problems within the future. Centralization is something dangerous and can easily be abused by a corporate instance. This has been said a lot in the 90’s where clear warnings have been made by XMPP Developers which eventually came to reality with entities such as FaceBook and Twitter.

My reason that I started hosting Mastodon is that I believe projects like this should be supported and encouraged. And people should be able to chose between various of instances and pick and chose which of the instances they want to be a part of.

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Hi! I run
It’s a french speaking Québécois generalistic instance.
I host it at OVH in Quebec (Beauharnois). It’s already paid for the year, so I’m here for a while. :wink:
My very first profile in the fediverse :
My profile on my instance :

Very interested to know how to relay my instance with other french speaking instances over the world.