Suggestion: add a filter to avoid showing toots with URLs or images only

Introduce the feature you want to discuss:


I’d like to suggest a new filter: one that hides toots with URLs only or image(s) only.

- Background to problem, alt. feature history

There are a bunch of accounts that only publish a single URL with anything else, or photos only with anything else (in this later case, most of the time it’s a toot with a single image). And most of the times, these both kind of toots are useless to most people.

- Possible solutions / or if there are no solutions

One possible solution —if technically possible, of course— is to add a filter (for both Home and any public timelines) that filters/hides toots with URLs only and with images only. There are so many toots like these that are very time consuming in the Mastodon’s global experience.

Thank you for reading.