Submit your info for the instance picker

Tonight the instance picker on will go live, @thekinrar is currently working on the last updates.

If you want your server to be on this list, you need to sign up and answer a few questions. This is to help users find an instance, which offers things which is important to them.

You may already have signed up your instance to the admin space, but not added any info. Now is prime time to do so, so users can find a home with you!
Go to this link, and follow the instructions.

You can also get in touch with @thekinrar on mastodon
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Hey! I tried registering for the admin part of the instance list ages ago but didn’t realize it was going to pull my email from my About page, and at the time, there was no email there… so I’ve been kind of stuck.

Is there any chance @thekinrar can reset it for me or something? My instance is

Please contact me on Mastodon or by email ( so I can verify your identity, thanks.